AAU Lecturer Complains About Non-Payment Of Salaries, Urges State Govt To Reopen Varsity Immediately

Sunday Edeko, a Professor of Law at the Ambrose Alli University, (one of the few State Universities under ASUU strike) has called on his state government over non payment of salaries.


In an article the scholar titled “AAU Ekpoma: It Is Time To Go Back To Work” further urged the Edo State government and other relevant bodies to reopen the varsity so that they can get paid from students tution fees.


He wrote “There is an obligation on the part of the government to pay the salary of its workers. It is clear to everybody, both friends of the government and enemies of the government that the Edo State Government has failed in its obligation to pay the salary of AAU workers. However, let us also bear in mind that there is a reason for every governmental action. Therefore, reasons abound for the inability or the deliberate refusal of the government to pay.


Since the government is unwilling or unable to raise money for payment of our salary, with determination we can help ourselves. By helping ourselves, we are helping our students and our society. As Sir Henry Maine said in his book ANCIENT LAW, “Law is stable but the societies we are speaking of are progressive. The greater or less happiness of the people depends upon the degree of promptitude with which the gulf is narrowed.” Accordingly the time has come for us to narrow the gulf between the law and the progressive nature of human society.


It is true that there is no free education at the moment. Students have always been under obligation to pay their fees. The most popular slogan in some circles is “No School Fees, No Examinations.” In fact my unfortunate, very unfortunate slogan right now is, “No school fees, don’t attempt to enter my lecture class.” We need school fees from students to get our salaries paid. It is the truth. It is a fact.


If you are able to compel the government to pay, please do it. But I have no power or the type of wisdom required to compel the government to pay. Our students have already lost the complete 2020/2021 Academic Session. The 2021/2022 Academic Session is in a clear and present danger of being lost. This is too much for students, parents and the society to bear.


Therefore, in all honesty and responsibility, I wish to call upon the government of Edo State and other relevant bodies to as a matter of urgency reopen Ambrose Alli University for academic activities.


To this end, all students must ensure that before they set their foot on campus they need to pay all their fees so that the university management will be able to raise reasonable amount of money to pay its workers.


I appeal to all my colleagues whether friends or foes to strongly consider the interest of students who have already lost a Session. Nobody supports the government for its refusal or inability to pay. But where the government failed us, let us work together for success and create a better future for posterity.”


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