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Jamb examination seems so tough for some students especially when they are writing for the first time or they have not been oriented enough about the examination. Here are some things you need to put into consideration when registering for JAMB examination.

Firstly, get the jamb brochure. The official jamb brochure shows you a list of courses offered in various institutions, their jamb UTME, O level, and direct entry subject Combination, and requirements for entry into those courses, in various faculties across all institutions in Nigeria. If you are confused about the subject Combination (for jamb UTME or O level) to write for your chosen course, then download the free jamb brochure for your course of study.

It is important to also check to see if your chosen institution offers the course and also see if you have any waivers or special considerations for such institution. This facility will also provide you with additional information on all the schools that offer your course as well as all the courses offered in a particular school. Also, start preparing early. Starting early with your exam preparation will give you ample time to review everything you have already studied.

So do not leave anything for the last moment and make sure you understand your subjects thoroughly. This will make revision much easier. You can also set up a timetable to manage your time effectively. First, note how many subjects you are writing and the time allocated to each subject or the whole exam. Remember to devote more time to the subject you feel is more challenging than the four subjects you are writing, but that doesn’t mean you should not take the remaining ones into consideration.

Consistency also plays a vital role in achieving your aims for anything. Be consistent and hell-bent on your timetable in order not to leave out any detail. Finish reading your textbooks twice or thrice before the day of the examination. Study all the four subjects from the beginning to the end at least twice before entering the exam hall. Do not scan or skim your textbooks, study them appropriately to avoid confusion in the examination hall. Know your formulas and when to apply them accordingly too because there could be some parameters purposely added to cause distraction. So, do well to know the proper application of your formulas. Physics, mathematics, further mathematics, with chemistry formulas are taken into consideration when writing any of them in your exam.

Secondly, having the jamb syllabus handy is very vital. Many candidates just read without going through the syllabus to know what to focus more on. The syllabus is a guide for you to know the aspect or part to apply or exert pressure on when studying. Practicing JAMB past questions is also something that’s very important to do when studying for jamb examination. Practicing and reviewing past questions of about seven years ago is very effective because jamb repeats questions. It helps to familiarise yourself with the format or structure of the examination.

Also, register with a tutorial one month ahead of your exam in addition to your personal reading time. The tutorial should be computer-based if possible, this will enhance and make you familiar with questions on a screen. It also helps in checking time efficiency. With you practicing with a system before the exam, you will be able to time yourself during the practice and get your brain prepared for the main exam. Also, get yourself reading partners too.

They contribute perfectly positively to passing an examination. Organizing study sessions with your fellow jambites is one of the most crucial exam study tips for any student studying for any kind of examination as it helps get answers to all your questions and vice versa. However, you need to make sure that you do not waste time and stay focused on learning the importance of preparing for the exam.

Studying with your fellow jambites is also a way of challenging yourself and checking if you have covered enough and also know when to adjust to a position and knowing when to keep moving towards your objective. Study to suit your learning style as well. Your learning style will help to know what are the best ways to prepare for an examination. For instance, if you are an auditory learner, you may benefit from recording your notes and then listening to them later, or you can even listen to lecture recordings. You can as well go to YouTube to search for any topic giving you issues. It helps a great deal.

Also, you can seek help from your mentor, teacher, or even friends when having issues understanding the concept of any topic in any of your four subjects before your exam is due, rather than trying to memorize or cram, taking guidance from someone can help you remember the concept for a longer time. As one of the most vital tips for the exam day, always remember that keeping yourself hydrated will add to your overall positive mood and will make your brain work at its best.

So make sure to drink plenty of water even while preparing for exams and during the exam if possible. Sometimes while studying, you may be tempted to eat junk food, but it can really impact your energy levels. So avoid junk food and make sure you are eating nutritious and well-balanced meals that are good for your memory and concentration, such as seeds, nuts, fish, blueberries, and yogurt.

Also, consider eating a healthy meal before the exam day that will provide a slow release of energy throughout the day. Bear in mind that you might crave sweet food, but it will crash your energy levels an hour later. Get jamb novels questions and answers too to boost your English language.

Furthermore, people around you can’t be utterly irritating or annoying that you won’t be able to teach them what you have learned. Use the people around you to your advantage and start describing the answers that you have prepared for them. This aids retentivity, it will help you to retain things and know the areas where you are lacking and need more work. Do not forget to practice questions as you read each topic.

Take regular intervals while studying. While it may seem that studying for more hours may in more productivity, it is actually the opposite and it might just drain you out, leaving you with no energy to study and retain knowledge. So, it is essential to take regular breaks for longer retention of information and to freshen up your mind.

Always keep in mind that everyone is different, so what works for you might not work for others. When building a study routine, consider taking intervals when it works best for you. For instance, if you study better at night, take your break early. And if you are more productive in the morning, start studying first before taking a break during lunchtime.

Do not cram. Staying up all night and cramming will only make you more anxious and stressed out. So, instead of trying to cover everything in the syllabus the day before the exam, it is better just to review what you have already studied and sleep early. This will keep you refreshed on the day of your exam. The main things you should do a day to your exam are:

Gather all your documents needed eg your exam slip, your data slip too. To prevent you from missing the exam
Review your notes. You don’t need to start reading again, just brush through now and pray.
Test yourself on the main concept and. Check out your past questions to see how far you can go in the examination hall.

Set your alarm. Make sure to tell people around about your exam the next day, so that even if you oversleep, you will have someone to wake you up.

Also, endeavor not to ignore your alarm when it rings. Go into the hall with confidence and stay away from any act of malpractice. Be yourself and make friends when necessary. Don’t allow people to put you in a tight corner in the hall. Do what you know, go over the questions and answers over and all over again before leaving the hall.

Also, make sure you have everything ready way before the day of your exam and do not leave anything for the last day. Check all the requirements and make all the other necessary arrangements. Also, decide which route you will take on the day of the exam and see how much time it will take you to reach the Destination. This will help you arrive on time at the exam center to avoid being late which increases anxiety. If you think that the route is too long or not clear, you can make plans to go with your fellow jambites having an exam on the same day so far they will be punctual.

However, do not forget to take at least a minimum of seven hours of sleep before the exam. Remember that exams are designed to test your thinking abilities. So if you do not get enough sleep, you might not be able to complete your exam in time or you may experience brain blocks while in the exam hall. After finishing your exam, if you realize that you have given an incorrect answer to one of the questions, do not panic to avoid anxiety. So avoid evaluating your questions and answers because, at that point, it is called campaign after election.

You should refer to this further step on what you should do next after writing JAMB.

JAMB mock exam is also necessary for you to be able to score 400 easily.

Do not rely on expo. Jamb expo is not real, some other examinations conducted in Nigeria may be flexible to expo but no matter how people try confusing you, jamb expo is never real, you have to read and study hard to pass jamb.

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