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As in the past, our primary goal is to keep our students informed of relevant and timely information, particularly for those considering the University of Ilorin.
Okay, quick one: unilorin will soon release her post-utme screening form, and admission will begin two months after the post-utme screening test, as you are well aware. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the test was postponed in 2020, and the risk of students becoming infected if a physical exam is conducted was a major factor in the university not accepting applicants for a Post Utme examination during the Covid-19 period. One of the reasons the school has yet to begin selling post-Utme forms is that the administration is currently preparing to conduct Post-Utme examinations for this year’s candidates (2021/2022 sessions).
We want you to stand up and stop assuming there’s still time before you realize there isn’t. Please keep checking our website for updates on the post-UTME test date and when the institution will begin her admission placement for the 2021/2022 SETS.
All unilorin applicants will be notified of the aforementioned communications.

Let us now get to the point of this post. As a company that specializes in the University of Ilorin Admissions, we will show you some ideal characteristics of people who should now have alternative options because they will not be admitted into the University of Ilorin using the Admissions system that has been in place since the University of Ilorin’s inception.

(1) Those who do not have five relevant subjects: If your five relevant course topics are not included on your Post-Utme printout, you have a problem that indicates you are not qualified for the course you have chosen, either as your original option or as a change of course. Many people have been denied entry in previous years due to incomplete five O’level scores.
(2) Those who did not submit their O’level results on both JAMB and the School Portal should do so again if you have not yet validated that your O’level results were successfully posted on the JAMB Portal. If your O’level results were not posted, you may re-upload them and ensure that they are correctly uploaded on the school portal once the school enables her site for post-UTME registration. Some years ago, we received a complaint from a student who stated that he/she re-uploaded to the Unilorin site, only to see A/R (awaiting result) after the portal was shut down. Unfortunately, it was later found that she had taken her results to the Cafe for upload, and although the person validated that they were uploaded, they were not posted, which the student only discovered when it was too late. It is vital to ensure that your O’level results have been submitted on both JAMB and your school’s website. If you are in this category, you should seek alternative admittance.
(3) A-level candidates with less than 5 points. For either IJMB or JUPEB, the minimum cut-off mark is 6 points; if you are well-connected, the minimum cut-off mark is 5 points. Many candidates expect to be admitted to the University of Ilorin with a 5-point Jupeb score, especially if the result was not obtained directly from the university. If you fall into this category, you should be aware that many applications with 10 points, 13 points, and even 14 points may be denied, so it all comes down to who you know and who knows you. If you take a competitive path, you have exacerbated the situation; the system, I must say, is ridiculous. A single phrase suffices for the wise.
(4) Lack of a high post-Utme percentage: see, As a student seeking admission to Nigeria’s most prestigious institution, the University of Ilorin, you must be aware of the competition. The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) has been the most competitive in Nigeria for about a decade, and this is unlikely to change very soon. To back up this assertion, JAMB data from 2019 show that 108,917 students applied to the institution. Unfortunately, the institution only accepted 11,616 applicants.
As we all know, some individuals were refused admission to the course they desired. In the meantime, UNILORIN’s authorized admission quota (the maximum number of students admitted each session) is 12,227. Nonetheless, the quota (12,227) represents just roughly 12% of the total number of applicants (108,917). ee? In 2019, roughly 97,301 UNILORIN candidates were refused admission.
Let me now return to the UNILORIN jamb numbers for 2020.
Last year, 103,882 candidates chose UNILORIN as their first choice, according to JAMB statistics. However, keep in mind that UNILORIN’s approved admission quota per session is 12,227 students. Even if 12,227 applications are accepted, 91,655 will be compelled to seek employment elsewhere.
Regarding the year you applied, the vice-chancellor of unilorin stated, “He said about 102,000 chose unilorin this year and the institution will not admit less than 13,000 applicants.” So, by now, you should have quadrupled your efforts. Lol!!
In addition to meeting the JAMB cut-off, several universities take Post-UTME tests to decide admission. Most universities do not need Direct Entry candidates to take another exam. UNILORIN, however, is not one of them.
UNILORIN requires all applicants, UTME or DE, to take their Post-UTME exam.
This is typically where many students fall short and lose their admissions chances. It is important to understand that simply passing JAMB and reaching the cut-off mark does not guarantee admission to UNILORIN.
You will not be considered for admission if you have a UTME score of 400/400 and do not pass the UNILORIN Post UTME with a minimum of 50%. Assuming you achieve a high uptime score while also meeting the minimum cut-off mark Try to get high, if not very high, the post-time score for your course. Unilorin thinks her post-utme is more important than mine, do you understand?
Do you possess the required qualifications? If you are, give us a thumbs up! Don’t panic if you aren’t. You still have the option of changing your mind. You can change your course during the post-UTME registration process to the one for which you are qualified. They allow it.
The change can also be made on the school portal, but I prefer to do so during post-UTME registration on the UNILORIN portal. If necessary, you can change your course on the JAMB portal at a later date.
This is because the change of course on the UNILORIN portal will expire along with post-UTME registration, whereas the JAMB change will remain open indefinitely. If you do poorly in the post-UTME, you can save your money for a JAMB course change. Of course, if you do well, you can change your JAMB to match the one you chose on the school portal.

Let us fast forward to Unilorin’s admission placement. Remember that you are attending a Federal University, not a Kwasu, eksu, or AAU. Even professors are unsure whether their candidates will be admitted. Remember that over 50, 000 students are waiting for this admission list, and Aksu will admit Governors, Commissioners, Permanent Secretaries, then the Oba and all those strong people candidates, and that would amount to about two thousand people, then the rest have to fight for space, Professors, Dean, H.O.D, they all have candidates, so aAksudinary man, Hmmm you can tell for yourself, e go tough. Why it is critical to have a backup plan even if you are confident in your admission.

The majority of errors that lead to the inability to secure Admission are caused by having too many candidates, and the school decides to use such an error as a disqualification to reduce the number of people struggling for admission.
Keep in mind that there are many people online. It is thus a difficult situation, and aside from those admitted on connection, you may have a slimmer chance; however, a wise student should always have backup plans. When you are admitted, you proceed with the Admission, but you will not be left behind if something goes wrong.
We advise aspirants who did not score up to 180 in their UTME scores not to apply for admission to Unilorin because they will not be admitted even if they know the VC. You must have a score of 180 or higher.
Is it true that if I don’t have 180 in Jamb, I’ve opted out of this year’s admission?
No!!! You have not opted out; your options remain. Cut-off marks will be assigned to students at a few universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education. If these candidates look into other universities, they may find themselves with no options. However, if they do not meet the specified cut-off marks, these institutions will place them in comparable courses. For example, a candidate seeking admission to medicine and surgery has a post-UTME score of 78%. The university Pharmacy cut-off mark, on the other hand, is 80%.
The university may then transfer him or her to a lower-cut-off course, such as pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and so on. These schools are uncommon, but they exist. As a result, this post is the result of my research and experience. Don’t squander your Jamb score this year when you can still get into a state university or polytechnic. If your score is 180 or higher, you can still attend the University of Ilorin, but you will have to change your major to something less competitive, such as education. This is just an idea. You should have a backup Admission option to ensure that your Admission request is granted in some way.

Thank you kindly!



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