LAUTECH SUG Threatens To shut Down School If ASUU LAUTECH Didn’t Back Out Of National Strike

Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology (LAUTECH) SUG Threatens To shut Down School If ASUU LAUTECH Didn’t Back Out Of National Strike






We are all aware of the crippling effects of the incessant strike on our prestigious institution in the time past, and the sores and lesions still ooze till today. Regardless of the ruckus between the Federal Government and ASUU, the involvement of LAUTECH ASUU in the ongoing strike is questionable.


The Students’ Union on Monday, 14th March 2022 reached out to the leadership of ASUU LAUTECH in a bid to ensure sanity and breach the communication gap, requested an open dialogue address between the ASUU LAUTECH and LAUTECH Students. However, ASUU LAUTECH up to date has refused to grant this sane request but given excuses of no convenient time due to tensile of loads on them yet they have the time to mobilize other University ASUU Chapters to LAUTECH yesterday for reasons which only favors their interest. Is it not crystal clear that ASUU LAUTECH is only fighting for their sole interest at the expense of Ladokites?

As we stated in our last memo on this subject matter; The involvement of ASUU LAUTECH is not only dangerous for the students but horrendous for the University system. As a student body, we are poised towards the rectification of our prestigious institution and a better educational system.


On this note, It is extremely exigent for ASUU LAUTECH to openly address ladokites on why they have chosen to join the National Strike at the expense of smooth running of the academic calendar in our dear institution that is currently the best state University in Nigeria. The student’s last semester results are currently withheld and the graduating students who have been previously delayed by precarious strikes in the past are grossly affected by the four-week warning strike which was rolled over with another eight-week extension – most of them missed March Mobilisation for NYSC. Yet, another disaster looms around the corner if the prevalent maladies are not immediately curbed.


In the light of this, if by now the leadership of ASUU LAUTECH can’t honor the open dialogue address from the Students’ Union between ASUU LAUTECH and LAUTECH Students and they are claiming they are fighting for the ladokites interest at the federal level, we are saying it is enough.


We are given the leadership of ASUU LAUTECH 72hrs to borrow a leaf from ASUU KWASU that wrote a special letter to the National ASUU based on peculiarity in their institution and should opt-out of this ongoing strike or else the Students’ Union will be left with no choice other than to see ASUU LAUTECH as a sabotage to the progress of LAUTECH and Ladokites due to their selfish interest and confrontation will not be seized after 72hrs lapsed and interest of ladokites is not protected.


ADEBOYE Anuoluwa

PC: Anuoluwar




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