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As Nigeria prepares for a new administration come May 29, 2023, educators in the basic education sector have advised the Federal Government to prioritise, invest, and reduce corruption in basic education.


An educator, Peter Dugbo, in an interview with The PUNCH counselled that the new government should increase funding for education, improve teachers’ training and professional development, and Increase access to technology and digital resources.


“The government should prioritise education in its budget allocations and ensure that funds are properly disbursed and utilised for education-related purposes. The government should invest in teacher training and development programmes to ensure that teachers are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to provide high-quality education.


“The government should invest in technology infrastructure and digital resources to ensure that all students have access to them. Special attention should be paid to the education of girls and women, children with disabilities, and other marginalised groups and the government should encourage and facilitate partnerships between schools and communities.”


Also sharing his opinion with The PUNCH, Association of Tutorial School Operators, Mr Dotun Sodunke, complained that there was a need to reduce the corruption in the basic education sector, saying it had impeded the growth and development of the sector.


“For Basic Education, what they just need is to reduce corruption that is in the sector. This is because too much money is spent on Universal Basic Education for every state but the state government and their cohorts have seen it as an avenue to milk the sector dry.


“Contracts are given to contractors without being carried out. And that has negatively impacted our children and the kind of products we produce.”


He added that students should be re-orientated on the importance of education, saying, “We see a situation where children sit on the floor in schools to learn despite the humongous amount that has been spent on this sector, especially Basic Education. I will need the government to increase its sensitisation on the importance of education, especially in the Northern part of the country, where they believe it is not important to go to school. We need to work on sensitisation. They need to do so much work on re-orientation because right now so many of our students and pupils believe that school is a scam and nothing is to be done in school.”


Chief Executive Officer, Florish-Gate Consult, Florence Adekogbe, advised the FG to “Get education right by making it a priority, appoint professionals in the education offices at all levels, and remove politicising education by making it a compensation for politicians.”


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