There is a difference between being prepared and being fully prepared. When going through some life stages having experience and ideas about the paths makes the journey easy, fast, and with less stress. Mock trials and tests can either be written, oral or practical exam that shows and give ideas and contains questions and clues of what the finals might look like. It gives an evaluation of one’s skill and knowledge.

In the world, today people no longer value mock trials or tests. They no longer pay attention to what is ahead of them they only show concern to what they can see or what is in view at the time. They no longer put themselves to the test because they are scared of falling. But it’s better to fall in private alone and learn to stand tall with others than to fall while others stand. Mock trials build self-confidence because it minimizes tension and anxieties during finals. Undergoing trials helps save time and minimizes the confusion of the minds because you have an idea of what to do.

Mock trials build one’s mind, writing speed, and flexibility, and most importantly, it helps reduce the loss of excessive time while thinking or when undergoing the mind’s battle. Mock trials contain past questions, experiences, and illustrations of the finals. After undergoing mock trials there is a 70% success rate at the finals.

In the aspect of computer-based tests, (CBT) mock exams are very important because they help evaluate one’s speeds and accuracy before the finals and they always keep the mind prepared and ready. Oral mock trials might be in a different form. When undergoing speech presentations or public hearings, tests and trials help increase one’s reading skills, reading fluency and as well as overcoming stage fright. We (students) now face our finals without undergoing mock trials because most of our institutions no longer encourage it.

There is a difference between studying past questions and reviews to get ready for an exam and putting what you have learned to practice and test your understanding and knowledge. But without a clue of what we are to do we go into our finals half baked and those of us with the brain speed and fast thinking capacity understand the situation at hand and have the clue of what to do while those of us with the latter automatically get confused and lost which will lead to loss of time and when we finally gain our strength to stand we are lost and the lost time can’t be recovered.

But undergoing mock trials and tests beforehand will definitely reduce the confusion and tension that might arise during the exams apart from putting students at ease during the finals, mock trials make it easy for the students to understand the marking scheme of that exam and the answering technique for the questions. Knowing what to do and having a hint of what to do automatically guarantees success.

Mock trials and tests should be made compulsory for students going through tough and difficult exams like the IJMB exam, the Jupeb exams, post UTME, JAMB, and other computer-based tests or written exams. Mock trials and tests should be marked with strictness to make the students understand that they can always do better in the finals because knowing one’s weak points and mistakes give us the urge to work on them and overcome them so others will not be able to notice our soft spots and weaknesses. And most importantly practical tests should be strictly encouraged and supported reason been that practical errors and mistakes seem more dangerous.

Taking the laboratory practicals, for example, if a mistake is to occur during a laboratory experiment it does not only pose harm to the student who conducted the experiment but it also poses harm to everybody present at the time. Practical errors might occur with a biological specimen or a chemical specimen, but it all holds risks. But undergoing a mock trial beforehand eliminates the risk of such mistakes or errors happening. And the practice might be computer-based practical. For example, when a programmer makes mistakes on a website, this will lead to loss of assets or documents for a lot of users.

Even if the error is corrected, the loss and damages will take time and skills to be amended or retrieved but undergoing
tests and trials will eliminate the mistake that might arise or even reduce it.

Practical exams or experiments come with greater risks so mock trials and tests should be made compulsory before finals.

And the main reasons mock trials should be encouraged and made compulsory are:

  • It minimizes confusion and unnecessary brain battles during the final exams. As long as you are not confused during your real exams, it minimizes brain stress and doubts because you will have dealt with it while undergoing your trials.
  • Mock trials and tests before finals reduce the waste of time during finals. After undergoing trials you understand the situation ahead and you can understand what to do.
  • Mock trials minimize errors that might cause personal damage or general damage in terms of practicals.
  • Mock trials help to reveal one’s strengths and weaknesses and how to work on balancing the square. It gives a record of one’s flexibility and capacity. It guarantees about 70% success and accuracy. It aids in understanding the marking scheme and answering techniques and most importantly it reduces exam tension, and fever as well as freaking out during the finals. Mock exams and tests should be scheduled and done twice or thrice before the finals to keep a student in check before the finals. Trials should be faced with determination and readiness for the real tasks ahead.

А very quick and simple illustration that emphasizes the importance of trials before finals is the JAMB CBT exams. Most students sit for these exams without even knowing how to operate a computer and 70% end up failing these exams because confusion and doubt fall in immediately when they are faced with what they have no idea about. Some are able to learn fast and quickly while some get lost and forget about time.

But if such students come back to retake the exam after their first experience they always do better meaning that they took their finals at first for their mock trials and again and come back again to face their fears. A final exam is written without a trial or clue of what to do points to failure. But undergoing a mock trial beforehand saves and reduce mistakes

In conclusion, they say “A stitch in time saves nine.” Taking small and simple steps before great steps minimizes failures. Mocks should not be looked at lightly. They should be taken as seriously as the finals. And lastly knowing your weaknesses and working to get stronger eliminates failure.

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