The university can be compared to starting a new chapter in ones’ life. Whenever a student leaves his parent’s roof for the university, a new journey has begun. This journey has to do with a lot of self-reliance, self-esteem, and being able to stand on his or her own which in turn shapes the student’s attitude as well as his or her character.
Many students are not prepared for the possible challenges that university life has to offer them, hence the consequences of this has a negative impact on such student.
For you to be prepared for this aspect of life, it is important for one to know the common ones and the solutions to them;


Let me start with an old saying which says “EVIL COMMUNICATION CORRUPTS GOOD MANNERS”.
Yes, through evil communications, good manners are being corrupted. Peer pressure tends to grow with high intensity as students move up through the grades, by the time they reach the university, fitting in has become a priority and often a source of anxiety to many.
It is constantly a worry in parents’ minds because negative peer pressure can lead to low self-esteem, making decisions for oneself and it can lead to harmful or dangerous behaviors.
The influence also has a positive effect but that’s when they surround themselves with peers who are making a good decisions and who are involved in positive activities and choices, also having friends that increase self-esteem and confidence.


Stress is one of the important aspects that students need to brace up themselves for because the university is known for stress and also it is the first time many students are both away from home and responsible for doing well academically. Let’s a look at what causes stress in the university;

  1. Academic Stress: Moving from one class to another put unnecessary stress on students. Most lecturers ask students to complete assignments, projects and prepare for tests/examinations. The project, for example, some lecturers tell students to write research papers, journals, constructions and participate in out-class activities.
  2. Family Stress: Parents do put irrelevant stress on students. They may think they are helping them by placing them on high expectations on them which is actually good but too many causes higher stress also. Some issues faced by families, that can create stress for students are divorce, family finances, and poor communication. Students want to be free and they cannot be free while balancing that with a dependency on their families. Thus, they cannot reach their goals without being dependent on family.
  3. Financial Stress: Every student has concerns about finances. They worry about how they will pay for their tuition fees, their housing, and necessities. Even students those students who have covered the full cost stress over money. Some students don’t want to overburden their parents with the cost of the university, but they know they need financial help. This can lead to the student feeling guilty about spending their parent’s money, so they take out more financial aid. Students graduate from university with a loan of #50,000.00 to #200,000.00 or more. Many choose to work part-time while in schools to help them pay for classes, books, and living. Working part times takes time away from the time needed to study.
  4. Sleeping habit: Students are used to sleeping late not knowing that getting too little sleep also leads to stress.
  5. Poor diet habit: Not eating on time or eating food that isn’t adequate also causes stress because after going through all the stress one face in the schools, on getting back to his or her hostel one shouldn’t eat or still eat in a minute quantity isn’t ideal enough which thereby causes stress because I don’t know where one will see the energy to carry out the activities of the following day.

Although going through stress also helps to build on self-reliance, self-esteem, and being able to stand alone because most students are so dependent on their parents for any little thing which isn’t good. Stress is a natural feeling which can’t be controlled but one just needs to cope in challenging those situations one finds himself or herself in.


It is also termed procrastination, Students who don’t have control over their time end up letting tasks sit until the last minute and they feel a lot of stress when they try to play catch up. If you have to let too many tasks sit, one can miss the deadline so it is very important to manage ones’ time because in life not only in the university one has to do with time.
If you can’t manage your time, you are probably always late for lectures which have to do with punctuality and punctuality is very important in the university because lack of punctuality won’t make one look professional and people pay attention when you are unable to show up on time compared to if one is punctual.
Mismanagement of time can lead to;

  • Scoring low in exams /tests.
  • Academic probation.
  • Losing scholarship.

Those with poor management are often working overtime to get their work finished.
Overextension– This is where one takes too much work than he can do which leads to unhealthy stress.


One is being sent to the school to gain what one doesn’t know. A student who is a good reader will perform far better academically than his or her lesser skilled peers. Reading is a vital aspect in the university because it helps to develop the mind and to give students exposure to different viewpoints and ideas.
Reading also helps the reader to sort things out in their own mind including topics that might not be familiar to them.
Now, Considering the university, if one doesn’t read, one is bound to fail because without reading one can’t pass there’s no shortcut to that and there’s a saying that is ‘The higher one goes up, tougher it becomes’. You all will be surprised with that saying but it’s the truth because as one goes deeper the tougher it becomes so one needs to take reading as a habit which must be performed regularly.
Reading helps a lot in the writing and speaking aspect and when reading note-making and outlining are very important as well.
Setting goals” is also an important aspect when reading because one is reading for a purpose, through that one gain experience studying their strategies and learning to emulate them.
Healthy competitions are also very important within your peers because one will surely a person who is better than the in one way or the other because you will have a lot of friends, through that you will know those who are better than you, the best thing is to join them because you guys have the same ambitions.
Religious activities are also vital activities even though it has their own negative impact on students if one takes it to an extent, join religious groups depending on one’s religion because after reading one needs prayer too.
If one is able to follow the listed points above on how to adjust and live in the university, then one cannot encounter any problem whatsoever.

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