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Education in Nigeria is associated with nothing but pain.
Mentally, financially, physically, and in a variety of other ways
Unfortunately, despite the years spent, In school, we insist on not changing it for the sake of the next generation.
We seem to forget that the world is changing.
There are numerous online investment schemes.
As a student, I would not go through such an ordeal just for a papered certificate.
Unfortunately, education is a barrier to greatness in Nigeria, no matter how small. We have companies that prohibit fresh graduates from riding the working-class cycle. If you may ask, how is a job experience of 2-5 years required? How is this even possible? This criterion makes it difficult for excellent youth to speak more of the good ones. Education is now something we earn for the sake of paper and a title. Many people do not use it, and you have put yourself through so much stress just to earn it. Many people venture into other areas to make money, such as business, skill acquisition, and online skills. You could earn that in your own home, without the added stress and deadlines. This demonstrates how poor the system is and only hunts the country’s future.


Education is defined as a western knowledge, fact, and idea learned from cradle to tertiary institutes in order to receive a degree, doctorate, or even a lower case certificate at the end of the program. It can be formal, informal, or even outside of the school system. Learning continues until man dies, and a lack of this knowledge is one of the reasons why students fail in school. Lower case certificate holders from polytechnics should recognize private institutes such as HND and NCE. I have a couple of questions for the holders: why return to universities to earn more money that is often irrelevant in most cases?


They are only permitted to use the skills acquired during their polytechnic or higher educational years. It is understandable that a higher degree is validated in order to create market favorability. Is your potential qualified by this? Yes, under certain conditions, but when it comes to useful skills, a second or higher degree that has nothing to do with that skill is a waste. Instead of diving into papered documents with no value, hone your skills.
Polytechnic creates practiced skills that, in the end, benefit such an individual. I believe that many people advance their education in order to gain legitimacy in the market of skills and honor. Having skills reduces labor market congestion by opening up new job opportunities. This is not to say that furthering one’s education is bad, but it must be progressive.
The fact that “the old now goes to school to either further their education or opt for a second degree” is well-known. This, however, would have been a fantastic offer if the labor market had been more active. The labor market raises the criteria for obtaining a job on a yearly basis, if not immediately. As a result, with all of the requirements such as a master’s degree and the like, it is not possible for a 20-25year old individual to succeed.

Why must education be so costly?

Education is costly, but it is also necessary. Nobody wants to be perceived as uneducated in today’s society. Being educated is a plus in one’s life, but it does not imply that we are all civilized. Being civilized is not the same as being educated. Education should be developmental in nature. Education is fundamental, and it should be affordable. Education has no age or gender restrictions, nor should it be a competition. It should be about progress.
To navigate through life, basic skills and common sense are required, and implementation is critical.
For the sake of curiosity, how do you expect a 16-year-old who was admitted 4-5 years ago to have enough money to even afford a master’s program without a source of income? This is unfortunate because jobs are scarce and education is not free and can be costly.
I’ve had sleepless nights because of a piece of paper.
Even after attending classes that lasted for hours, I still don’t understand a lot of things.
Instead, I could be sleeping or taking a YouTube class.
I’m not sure what the younger generation should be expecting.
You will change, evolve, cry, pass, and fail, but I need you to broaden your horizons.
Don’t let your life become a part of you.
You’ll be fine if you’re unique.
Your success should not be defined by your education.
Regrettably, it is in Nigeria.
Unfortunately, you will have to go through the system, and older people will tell you that it is a school, just as I did to my younger sister.
Education will exhaust you and make you worry about Monday when it is only Friday.
It will make you restless because it is accompanied by irrelevant courses.
It will make you wonder if you are the only one going through this phase.
On some days, it appears that you have gained control.
On other days, you’re not sure how it slipped or if you ever had a hold on it.
It will worry you if 5.0 CGPA exists at all or if it was obtained in an easy way.
Or the superficial minds bought
Be humble, dearie; God is with you.
I need you to calm down and go through the system while you are still worried about your previous experiences.
Be proud of yourself, even if your grade is a C. I need you to persevere because even after graduating, I still don’t understand.
You must wake up bright and healthy, no matter how small.
Strong and positive, it will not change overnight, nor will it change for you. I still don’t understand why we have educationists but the system hasn’t changed. I still don’t understand why we have articles upon articles upon articles without coming up with a solution.
It’s okay to beat yourself up, but promise to never beat yourself down. Education will tire you out, but you’ll be fine, my dear.
At the end of the day, I hope your dreams come true, and that you don’t make the wrong decision and graduate with only a sigh of relief.
You’re done, but you’re not proud of it. Know that your dreams are valid, and that you, like every successful human being, will excel.
Education issues should be resolved as soon as possible because the longer it takes, the longer it takes for bright minds to arrive. The purpose of education is to gain knowledge. It should be fulfilling and forward-thinking.
Thank you for your time.



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