Education is a means through which knowledge is acquired in various fields.

With the knowledge acquired by qualified professional personnel, it is highly appreciable in society through the application of knowledge coupled with the wisdom to solve the problems of mankind.

In the immediate community of students, education results in the examination; testing the student’s ability to solve life problems from what they have been taught.

It is found out that most students who fail woefully also fail such that they do not make up for their expected grade in their course of study whereas the failure we are talking about is a gradual process that takes place at all times before examination.

Here are some causes of failure in students before their examination period.
Laziness in students results in nothing but great loss. As the popular sage says “a wasted time is a wasted life”. Once a time is lost in life it can never be regained. One who does not study to feel pain finds it difficult to gain something in school not to talk of writing an examination to achieve merit in his or her dreams.

Laziness also results from a lack of motivation in students to study. Besides receiving advice, motivation and encouragement from your people, a student who wants to be successful must be self-motivated

Do something relevant that will add value to your life and personality which will help you achieve your goals.
Unbalanced Notions About School
The slag “school na scam” is common
among students, due to lack of motivation to study and as a result it
creates interest in a quick quest for money through any means like cybercrime, fraud, stealing, illegal trafficking, and even crypto-related businesses

Business-related to crypto are not illegal but they are not meant for students under their parents. It makes students have divided attention to education and their future ambition. Hence the desired result cannot be achieved for a student both in his business and his examination.
Some of these distractions include:
# 1. Untimely Relationships
Hurriedly going into a relationship is not advisable for students. It leads to nothing but loss as there is no gain in it even for the most brilliant student.

It also results in divided attention to one’s studies. Thus, the desired result cannot be obtained at the end of the day.

Apart from that, once a mistake of pregnancy occurs in the relationship, then education to succeed is drastically coming to an end for those people.
# 2. Other Unrelated Affairs.
Paying more attention to distractions like games, films, hanging around the street, partying etc. can lead to not paying attention in class

This leads to failure as even a brilliant student who has enough materials to study and pass does not have the experience the lecturer has gained to succeed.

A mediocre not paying attention in class has failed right in the class even without devastating results on paper.

Although all work and play makes Jack a dull boy the rate of play should be controlled and monitored at leisure times
In Conclusion
Finally, on this note, addiction to social media is great friction to success in the examination as it tends to use up one’s time, causing a distraction to one’s study and finally leading to failure.

There is no shortcut to success. Zero your mind from examination malpractice.

All that it entails is to study hard every time and seek mercy from God, the ultimate giver of success to build you
and crown your efforts with the best reward of success.

By Raji Abdulhameed

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