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Education is a method of acquiring knowledge in a variety of fields.

It is highly appreciable in society through the application of knowledge coupled with the wisdom to solve mankind’s problems with the knowledge acquired by qualified professional personnel.
Education in the immediate community of students results in the examination, which tests the student’s ability to solve life problems based on what they have been taught.
It has been discovered that the majority of students who fail woefully also fail in such a way that they do not make up for their expected grade in their course of study, whereas the failure we are discussing is a gradual process that occurs at all times before examination.
Here are some of the reasons why students fail before their exams.
Student laziness leads to nothing but disaster. As the adage goes, “wasted time is wasted life.” When time is lost in life, it is never regained. It is difficult for someone who does not study to feel the pain to gain anything in school, let alone write an examination to achieve merit in his or her dreams.
Students’ laziness is also caused by a lack of motivation to study. A student who wants to succeed must be self-motivated in addition to receiving advice, motivation, and encouragement from others.
Do something meaningful that will add value to your life and personality and will assist you in reaching your goals.
Unbalanced School Beliefs
Due to a lack of motivation to study, the slaa” school na scam” is common among students, and as a result, it creates interest in a quick quest for money through any means such as cybercrime, fraud, stealing, illegal trafficking, and even crypto-related businesses.
Crypto-related businesses are not illegal, but they are not intended for students under the supervision of their parents. It causes students to divide their attention between education and future goals. As a result, a student’s desired outcome in both business and examination cannot be achieved.
Among these distractions is #1. Untimely Relationships
Students should avoid entering into relationships too quickly. It results in nothing but loss because there is no gain, even for the brightest student.
It also leads to a split focus on one’s studies. As a result, the desired outcome cannot be obtained at the end of the day.
Aside from that, once a pregnancy mistake occurs in a relationship, those people’s chances of success are drastically reduced.
#2 Other Unrelated Matters
Paying more attention to distractions such as games, movies, hanging out on the street, partying, and so on can lead to poor performance in class.
This fails because even a brilliant student with sufficient materials to study and pass lacks the experience gained by the lecturer.
A mediocre who does not pay attention in class fails the class even if the results are not disastrous on paper.
Although all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, the rate of play during leisure time should be controlled and monitored.
To summarize
Finally, on this note, addiction to social media is a major impediment to exam success because it consumes one’s time, causing a distraction from one’s studies and eventually leading to failure.
There is no quick fix for success. Examine your mind for exam malpractice.
All it takes is hard work every time and seeking mercy from God, the ultimate giver of success, to build you and crown your efforts with the best success reward.
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