I came into the educational system hoping to create a change and turn things for the best. Hold on a second what am i changing?
I was told by my great great grand father who told my great grandfather that told my grandfather who told my father that examination malpractice has existed even before they where born.

What is examination malpractice?

Examination malpractice is defined as academic dishonesty or academic fraud.
In fact, both of these notions can be interchangeably used. It can also be defined as a deliberate act of wrong doing, contrary to the laid down rules of examinations designed to give a candidate an unfair advantage or able frequently, to place a candidate at a disadvantage.
With a full understanding of what examination malpractice is , I made up my mind not to engage myself in this unscrupulous dehumanizing activity for any reason in life. Easily said than done, lol
With this mindset, I picked my call in the educational sector after 4years of hustling in no proper direction of where to achieve success in life.
Education is life for me and i vowed to protect its standards, but circumstances wont let me.
After I started my educational business , my moral was high my standard was high due to my fanatic love for education , little did I know that I was completely on my own, and lost in my own world.
A friend of mine known as Jerry who was a medical student at that time in the prestigious University of Ilorin, paid me a ceremonial visit in 2017 of the new move and continuation of educational business. In his words, don’t involve your self in examination Malpractice I nodded in agreement to his advise because this is my original intention or education.
Then the first and second year apart, I stood on my ground and i never involve myself in examination malpractice.
Then the following year we have a tremendous increase of about 20 students and majority of them came from different background and culture, everything was going smoothly and the students was actively reading and cooperative throughout their section. Until the devil decided to pay an august visit.
Also a month to their final exam, some staff and students gathered having their meetings and plans and left me out of the meeting because the meeting was probably against me, and some of the students came to me specially to tell me that they were leaving the centre , They insisted that since i told them publicly that i wont involve in any form of examination malpractice.
They have seen educational centre like ours that does the same thing, and promise them to enter the examination hall with text book in their hands.
Wow, I replied how is that suppose to be the reason why you are leaving my centre?,and they all said they is nothing that can change their mind towards it, that they have already taken the balance i want to give to them to the person they have register with and they have been register, and for that purpose they came to let me know that they are moving out of my centre to the person center.
Well I tried my best to convince them, I advised and pleaded with them that i was trying to build their future and they said NO that I was trying to destroy their future . I did so many things else to convince the ones that are very close to me all to no avail, nothing yielded everyone turn deaf ears, I wanted to do what they wanted to do because they already found a place that promise them that they don’t need to read all they need is to go to the exam halls with expos.
Unfortunately no parent called or got involved with me, I called some of their parents and they told me i should not bother calling them, that they have made up their minds and decisions. So i decided to move on, out of about 20 of them only 2 or 3 decided to stay so the rest of them left to other center and we proceeded with our exams with the ones left, On the long run weeks passed and it was time for the exam and i went with the remaining two for the examination left them there to write their exams, after a week one them decide to come and see me and i ask why? I gave him privilege to speak with me, and as we were having our conversation he started pleading for me to forgive him that he was confused that was why he left for another centre, that so many people was talking bad about our centre because we don’t engage in examination malpractice that will assist them in passing their exam, to cut long story short what happened was that the person that was suppose to give them the text book didn’t even bother registering them Wow. So all of them that left were not registered i guess that serve them right but who am I? and What am I going to say? I felt a pity for them and i tried if they was anything else I could do but unfortunately it was all very late so I moved on, and the ones that did try their best in the centre and now that leads us to the factor of examination malpractice


Below are the factors that influences examination malpractice .
1. Parents: some parents of nowadays are the major reasons students indulge  is examination malpractice, Some of them will go extra mile bilberrying examiners or invigilators just for their children to be given answers in exam hall for them not to fail.
2. Student themselves: Some students no longer want to be helpful to their future, they rather bring in answers into the exam hall for them to pass and be useless to the certificate they will be given rather than them reading and passing through the appropriate steps.
3. Examination rules: Sometimes the laid down rules and regulation also push some students to involve themselves in such act.
4. Peer pressure: This is also one of the most important factors that influences examination malpractice, Definitely a student watching his friends bringing in answers into the exam halls and seeing them passing very well at the end of the section will also be tempted to involve in such act.
5. Poor supervision:  Since some of the exam officials might  probably have  been bribed he  show less concern whenever he sees the students involving in such act.
6. Lack of confidence: Some student has no confidence in themselves or them believing that without bringing in answer in exam hall they cant pass.
7. Lack of facilities in school: This also an important factors that examination malpractices, some schools lack facilities which which aid teaching and learning process.
8. Fear of failure: Fear of failure or fear of them carrying the course over makes some student involve in such act.
9. Poor preparation: Lack of reading or not listening attentive in class also makes student involve in examination malpractice .
1. Rustication from school :In some tertiary institutions once you are caught in such act you will have to face the panels then you will given gown for your graduation ceremony and that all, and you will need to do is you watching your ladies coming with flying colours with good grade.
2. Corruption: Definitely if you have such act or mind set in you, then you can also engage in corruption too.
3. Bribery: If you involve yourself in examination malpractice then you can also involve in bribery too.
4. Inability to defend your certificate: If you are lucky to pass in school through the needle tiny edge, can you defend the certificate you claim to have? Of course NO.
5. Poor working performance: After graduation and all, the certificate you earn with such bad act can never be of any  help to you since you cant practicalize that in your area of specialization.
6. It brings about laziness: Indulging in examination malpractice brings about laziness, because the students will show less interest in academic activities
7. Tarnishing of names: Once you have been rusticated from school because you involve yourself in examination malpractice then you have tarnish your name


Are you tired of writing WAEC examination more than once?
Or what you read doesn’t probably come out?
Or this is your first time writing WAEC and you aimed to score A’s in your upcoming WAEC examination? Then Congratulations!!! You are on the right platform.
So put your mind at rest and fear no more because we have studied and make adequate research on why some students failed WAEC examination and I hereby want to try my possible best to provide you the ideal solutions and the surest way you can make out all your result with A’s in your upcoming WAEC examination only in just one sitting and commitment to our post.
But before I proceed, I would like to advise you to rest your buttocks on a chair and get a coffee to sip while reading our post concerning your upcoming WAEC examination.
The content that will be written below is a trick that I used when I was preparing for my WAEC examination and it works out for me with good grades, hopefully, it would work out for you too if you strictly adhere to it.
Early preparation for the WAEC examination: “The early bird catches the worm” that is an adage though. I will advise you to prepare early for your upcoming WAEC examination, At least a month before the
upcoming WAEC examination. It will not be good enough to start studying when it is about time to start the WAEC examination. To make myself clear, let’s take, for instance, I have WAEC in May. Instead of me starting studying around March so as to cover up numerous topics but I decline till May. Now, this is my question, will I be able to cover up all subjects on my syllabus? If NO, then let “make hay while the sunshine” and start reading two months before the upcoming WAEC examination.
Avoid procrastination: This is one of the major reasons why students failed their WAEC examination, they Procrastinate. What I mean by procrastinating is that you should give unreasonable excuses about the reasons why you postponed your study schedule. To make myself clear, assuming I have WAEC in May. Instead of me starting reading around March in order to take a review on my subjects and WAEC examination syllabus but I refuse with the intention that there is still enough time to read. So I postpone my reading till April, If not careful another issue might arise that I won’t be able to read till the month of WAEC examination. With this, I have a slim opportunity to study and assimilate, even if I am so fast like a flash I won’t be able to meet up. So my esteem brothers and sisters reading this post, I will advise you to stop procrastinating because it brings no good return but regrets. It will be highly recommended if you start your reading now because time awaits for no one. When you procrastinate, by the time you think you are ready to study for your upcoming WAEC examination, it might be too late and the opportunity to pass your WAEC examination is very slim. So start studying NOW!!!
Creation of self timetable: Yeah, we do have a timetable in our school which the teachers follow to teach you particular subjects. Without the timetable, the teachers won’t be so curious about teaching the students. Moreso, do you ever notice that some subjects which are seen as a priority were been taken in the morning so as to cool down your brain.
What I am trying to say is that you should schedule your time and come out with flying colors in your upcoming WAEC examination. Yeah, it sounds so funny but that is the fact. Lay down a timetable for your upcoming WAEC examination and stick to it. Your timetable is expected to comprise all the subjects you are offering in your department either Art, science or commercial department, and create a suitable and convenient time for it. Do not schedule a time that you know you won’t be able to adhere to.
It is okay if you schedule three subjects per day, it is only based on your seriousness and commitment. You can time your schedule may be one subject in the morning, another subject in the afternoon, and another subject at night. chuckle, it is just like a pill or drugs. You may feel that I am recommending your timetable for you, but that is the way it works out for me and if you are hardworking enough to cover up more than three subjects a day, you are free to go.
And note when you want to schedule the most important subjects such as mathematics, English, etc. I will endeavor you to schedule it to a time whereby everywhere will be quiet and cool so as to assimilate more. Do you get what I am trying to say? Make sure you used your drugs, that is your educational timetable in the order to get A’s in your upcoming WAEC examination.
Revision of past questions: These are the previous questions that are set by WAEC examination council to test the ability of each student and his or her efficiency to answer and reason questions. Probably this is what you are going to face during your WAEC examination period.
Now, not all WAEC candidates know that WAEC does repeat previous questions. That is a new trick you have not heard before or discovered. Now, try as much as possible to purchase all your department subject WAEC past questions, but you don’t have to rob the bank if you do not have the money.
If you know you are not financially stable, you are liable to purchase the essentials WAEC past questions so as to make it easier and affordable. Yeah, I asked you to purchase the WAEC examination past questions does not guarantee that you will surely pass your upcoming WAEC examination but when you buy the WAEC past questions and start reading, revising the questions in the WAEC past questions, then I will guarantee you the assurance of scoring A’s in your upcoming WAEC examination. A scholar once said, “buying WAEC examination past questions is good while working on it is the best”. Do you get that? You will also need the help of your colleagues or teacher because you might not be able to answer all questions in the WAEC past questions. Probably because you have not been taught the topic in school.
Moreso the past questions will give you an idea of how WAEC officials do set their questions, so you won’t be amazed when you see the strategy or method in which WAEC set questions. Should I continue? Okay, let’s move on…
WAEC subject syllabus: This is the compilation of topics that will be set by WAEC officials. It is created so you will not study the wrong topic during your upcoming WAEC examination. Quite easy and complicated. Do not study irrelevant topics on the subject. I repeat again do not study irrelevant topics. This aspect make me remember when I was in school preparing for my upcoming WAEC examination. Our head boy is known as a “bookworm” because of his seriousness and dedication to his education.
Our upcoming WAEC examination was fast approaching that our head boy could hear nothing again than the words In his book. His commitment made our English teacher to asked him some questions based on WAEC examination syllabus to know how far he had prepared. But our teacher later discovered that he had been studying the wrong topics all day.
I won’t allow you to fall into such circumstances. So, I will implore you to get a copy of each subject WAEC syllabus and start working on it as soon as possible because there are no questions that will be set by the WAEC official that is beyond what is on the syllabus.
Fasting and prayer: Fasting is the abstinence from water, food, and ungodly behaviors or activities while prayer is the invocation to God. I use these two words because they are one of the ways in which man can get close to his creator (God), there are other means but this is the most famous way and easiest way to get close to God. We all know that the work of a farmer is to plant seeds, wet them, and leave them to grow, who is behind the plant generation? Hope you grab what I mean. After you have strictly adhered to our instructions then turn up to God and pray. Some people say “work and pray “ I think you should hear those words before, you work then you pray.
Don’t only depend on what you have written, you should also pray to God for retentive memory because there is some set of students could have study day and night but when they arrive at the WAEC examination hall, they will be very timid and all that they have read have disappeared. Don’t be among such students. So I will advise you that if you are a Muslim go to the mosque regularly and pray and if you are a Christian don’t hesitate to go to church to pray to God about your WAEC examination. Hope you get what I am trying to explain.
My instinct is to ask me that how many types of religion do we have in Nigeria? I answered three. Then my instinct replied that how many religions did I mention above? I sluggishly answered two. What about the third religion? What should I say? I need my answers.
I think my phone keyboard has started hanging again. I would have loved to continue but my phone keyboard is still hanging. But make sure you try all your possible best to adhere to the instructions that are laid above because you only have the chance to do it once and for all. Kindly comply with the information and I guarantee you A1’s in your upcoming WAEC examination.
Oh, pardon my manners that I do not greet you earlier, it is only because I cared too much about your success.
How are you? And …
My phone has finally hung. Thank you for reading this post and I can not wait to see your WAEC result filled with A’s.

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