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I entered the school system intending to make a difference and alter things for the better. Wait a minute, what am I changing?
My great-great-grandfather informed my great-grandfather, who told my grandfather, who told my father, that examination malpractice occurred before they were born.

What exactly is tested malpractice?

Academic dishonesty or academic fraud is described as examination misconduct.
In reality, each of these concepts may be employed interchangeably. It may also be characterized as a purposeful act of wrongdoing that is contradictory to the established norms of exams and is capable of giving a candidate an unfair advantage or regularly placing a candidate at a disadvantage.
With a thorough grasp of what examination malpractice is, I resolved not to partake in this dishonest and demeaning conduct for whatever purpose in my life. It’s easier said than done, haha.
With this perspective, I chose a career in teaching after four years of hustling in circles with no clear path to success.
Education is my life, and I pledged to maintain its standards, but circumstances will not allow me to.
After I began my educational company, my morale was high and my standards were high because of my fervent passion for education. Little did I realize that I was entirely alone and lost in my world.
Jerry, a friend of mine who was a medical student at the time at the famous University of Ilorin, paid me a ceremonial visit in 2017 to celebrate the new location and the continuance of the educational business. In his words, “do not subject yourself to inspection.” Malpractice I agreed with his advice and nodded since this was my initial objective of education.
Then, in the first and second years, I held firm and never engaged in examination misconduct.
The next year, we had a huge increase of around 20 students, the bulk of them came from diverse backgrounds and cultures; everything was going well, and the kids were actively reading and cooperating throughout their section. Until the devil decided to pay a visit on this auspicious day.
Also, a month before their final exam, some staff and students gathered for meetings and plans, leaving me out of the meeting because the meeting was probably against me, and some of the students came to me specifically to tell me that they were leaving the center. They insisted that since I told them publicly that I would not engage in any form of examination malpractice, they would leave the center.
They have seen educational centers like ours that do the same thing and guarantee them that they would enter the test hall holding a textbook.
Wow, I replied, how is that supposed to be the reason you are leaving my center?, and they all said there is nothing they can do about it, that they have already taken the balance I want to give to the person they have registered with and they have been registered, and for that purpose, they came to let me know that they are moving out of my center to the personal center.
I did all I could to persuade them, I counseled and begged them that I was attempting to create their future, but they screamed NO, that I was attempting to ruin their future. I tried everything else to persuade those close to me, but nothing worked; everyone turned deaf ears. I wanted to do what they wanted to do since they had already discovered a site that promised them that they didn’t need to read anything; all they needed to do was go to the test rooms with expos.
Unfortunately, no parent phoned or intervened with me. When I called some of their parents, they advised me not to bother contacting them since they had already made up their minds and choices. So I decided to go on, and only maybe two or three of them elected to stay, so the rest of them went to another facility, and we finished our tests with the ones that remained. In the long run, weeks passed and it was time for the test, so I went with the other two and left them there to write their exams, but after a week, one of them decided to come and visit me, and I asked why. I allowed him to speak with me, and as we were talking, he began pleading with me to forgive him, saying that he was confused and that was why he left for another center, that so many people were talking bad about our center because we don’t engage in examination malpractice that will help them pass their exam, and to cut a long story short, the person who was supposed to give them the textbook didn’t even bother registering them. Wow. So all of them that left were not registered, which I suppose serves them well, but who am I? Oh, what should I say? I felt sorry for them and tried to see if there was anything further I could do, but it was too late, so I went on, and the ones who did do their hardest in the center, which brings us to the issue of examination malpractice.


The elements that cause examination misconduct are listed below.
1. Parents: Today’s parents are one of the primary reasons kids engage in test malpractice. Some of them would go to great lengths to bribe examiners or invigilators for their children to be provided answers in the exam hall so that they do not fail.
2. Students themselves: Some students no longer want to be useful to their future; rather than reading and going through the proper stages, they bring in answers into the test hall for them to pass and be worthless to the certificate they will be issued.
3. Examination rules: Sometimes the established rules and regulations force certain pupils to engage in such behavior.
4. Peer pressure: One of the most significant variables that promote test malpractice is peer pressure. Certainly, a student who witnesses his friends bringing in answers into exam rooms and sees them pass very well after the section would be compelled to engage in such behavior.
5. Inadequate supervision: Because some of the test officials were undoubtedly paid, he shows less concern when he observes pupils engaging in such behavior.
6. Lack of confidence: Some students lack confidence in themselves or believe that they will fail if they do not bring their answers to the test.
7. Lack of school facilities: In addition to examination malpractices, certain schools lack amenities that help in the teaching and learning process.
8. Fear of failure: Some students engage in such behavior because they are afraid of failing or failing the course.
9. Inadequate preparation: Failure to read or listen attentively in class causes students to engage in test misconduct.
1. Rustication from school: In certain higher schools, if you are discovered in such an act, you will have to face the panels, after which you will be issued a gown for your graduation ceremony, and all you will have to do is watch your women pass with flying colors and a decent grade.
2. Corruption: If you have such an act or mindset, you can indulge in corruption.
3. Bribes: If you engage in examination misconduct, you may also engage in bribery.
4. Inability to defend your certificate: If you are fortunate enough to pass school by a hair’s breadth, can you defend the certificate you claim to have? Not.
5. Poor job performance: After graduation and everything, the diploma you obtain for such a horrible behavior will never be useful to you since you will be unable to use it in your field of expertise.
6. It causes lethargy: Engaging in test misconduct causes laziness since students lose interest in academic activity.
7. Name tarnishing: If you have been expelled from school for engaging in examination misconduct, your name has been tainted.


Are you sick of taking the WAEC test many times?
Or does what you read most likely not come out?
Or is this your first time taking WAEC and you want to get an A in your future WAEC exam? Then, once again, congratulations!!! You’ve come to the correct place.
So put your mind at ease and fear no longer because we have studied and conducted adequate research on why some students failed the WAEC examination and I hereby want to try my best to provide you with the ideal solutions and the most certain way you can make out all your results with A’s in your upcoming WAEC examination only in one sitting and commitment to our post.
But, before I go any further, I’d like to suggest that you sit down and have a cup of coffee to drink while reading our article on your impending WAEC test.
The stuff that follows is a technique that I used while studying for my WAEC exams, and it worked for me with decent scores; maybe, it will work for you as well if you rigorously stick to it.
Early preparation for the WAEC examination: “The early bird gets the worm,” as the saying goes. I recommend that you start preparing for your forthcoming WAEC exams at least a month ahead of time. It will not be enough to begin studying when the WAEC test is about to begin. To illustrate my point, consider the fact that I have WAEC in May. Instead of beginning to study in March to cover a wide range of subjects, I delayed until May. Now, my issue is, will I be able to cover all of the things on my syllabus? If the answer is no, then “make hay while the sun shines” and begin reading two months before the impending WAEC test.
Procrastination should be avoided: Procrastination is one of the main reasons why students fail their WAEC exams. What I mean by procrastinating is that you should make ridiculous explanations for why you delayed your study program. To be clear, I’m assuming I have WAEC in May. Instead of beginning to read in March to review my topics and the WAEC test curriculum, I decline with the purpose that there is still time to read. So I postponed my reading till April. If I am not cautious, another problem may develop and I will be unable to read until the month of the WAEC exams. With this, I have a slight chance of studying and assimilating, even if I am so quick that I won’t be able to match up. So, my esteemed brothers and sisters reading this post, I advise you to stop procrastinating because it only leads to regrets. It is strongly advised that you begin your reading immediately because time waits for no one. When you procrastinate, by the time you believe you are ready to study for your upcoming WAEC examination, it may be too late, and your chances of passing are very slim. So begin studying RIGHT NOW!!!
Making a self-timetable: Yes, our school has a timetable that the teachers adhere to teach you specific subjects. Without a timetable, teachers will be less interested in teaching the students. Furthermore, have you ever noticed that some subjects that are considered important are taken in the morning to cool down your brain?
What I’m trying to say is that you should plan ahead of time so that you can pass your upcoming WAEC exam with flying colors. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but it is true. Make a schedule for your upcoming WAEC exam and stick to it. Your timetable is expected to include all of the subjects you offer in your department, whether it is Art, Science, or Business, and to create a suitable and convenient time for each of them. Schedule a time that you know you will be unable to keep.
It is acceptable to schedule three subjects per day if you are serious and committed. You can time your schedule so that one subject is in the morning, another in the afternoon, and another at night. It’s exactly like a pill or drugs, chuckle. You may believe that I am recommending your schedule for you, but that is how it works for me, and if you are dedicated enough to complete more than three subjects per day, you are free to go.
Also, keep in mind when you want to schedule the most important subjects, such as mathematics, English, and so on. I will try to schedule it at a time when everything is quiet and cool so that I can absorb more. Do you understand what I’m saying? Make sure you used your drugs according to your educational schedule to get A’s on your upcoming WAEC exam.
Revision of previous questions: These are the previous questions set by the WAEC examination council to assess each student’s ability and efficiency in answering and reasoning questions. This is most likely what you will encounter during your WAEC examination period.
Not all WAEC candidates are aware that WAEC repeats previous questions. That is a new trick you have not heard of or discovered before. Now, try to buy as many department subject WAEC past questions as you can, but you don’t have to rob the bank if you don’t have the money.
If you are aware that you are not financially stable, you are likely to purchase the necessary WAEC past questions to make things easier and more affordable. Yes, I asked you to buy the WAEC examination past questions, but this does not guarantee that you will pass your upcoming WAEC examination; however, if you buy the WAEC past questions and begin reading and revising the questions in the WAEC past questions, I will guarantee you the assurance of scoring A’s in your upcoming WAEC examination. “Buying WAEC examination past questions is good, but working on it is better,” a scholar once said. Do you understand? You will also require the assistance of your colleagues or teacher because you may not be able to answer all of the WAEC past questions. Most likely because you were not taught about the subject in school.
Furthermore, previous questions will give you an idea of how WAEC officials set their questions, so you will not be surprised when you see the strategy or method by which WAEC sets questions. Should I go on? Let’s get this party started…
WAEC subject curriculum: This is a list of topics that will be assigned by WAEC officials. It is designed to ensure that you do not study the incorrect topic during your upcoming WAEC examination. Both simple and complex. Do not research irrelevant topics about the subject. I’ll say it again: don’t study irrelevant topics. This aspect reminds me of when I was in school, studying for my upcoming WAEC exam. Because of his seriousness and dedication to his education, our head boy is known as a “bookworm.”
Our upcoming WAEC examination was so close that our head boy could only hear the words in his book. His dedication prompted our English teacher to ask him some questions based on the WAEC examination syllabus to determine how far he had prepared. However, our teacher later discovered that he had spent the entire day studying the wrong topics.
I will not allow you to be in such a situation. So, I implore you to obtain a copy of each subject’s WAEC syllabus and begin working on it as soon as possible because the WAEC official will not set any questions that go beyond what is on the syllabus.
Prayer and fasting: Fasting is defined as abstaining from water, food, and ungodly behaviors or activities, whereas prayer is an invocation to God. I use these two words because they are one of how a man can get close to his creator (God). There are other ways, but this is the most well-known and easiest way. We all know that a farmer’s job is to plant seeds, water them, and let them grow, but who is responsible for plant generation? I hope you understand what I mean. After you have strictly followed our instructions, turn to God and pray. Some people say “work and pray,” and I believe you should have heard those words before because you work first and then pray.
You should not only rely on what you have written; you should also pray to God for retentive memory because some students may have studied day and night, but when they arrive at the WAEC examination hall, they will be very nervous and everything they have read will have vanished. Don’t be one of these students. So, if you are a Muslim, I recommend that you go to the mosque regularly to pray, and if you are a Christian, don’t be afraid to go to church to pray to God about your WAEC examination. I hope you understand what I’m saying.
My first thought is to ask how many different religions exist in Nigeria. I gave three answers. My instinct then responded, “How many religions did I mention above?” I answered two questions slowly. What about the third faith? What am I supposed to say? I require my responses.
My phone’s keyboard appears to be hanging again. I’d like to continue, but my phone’s keyboard is still frozen. However, make every effort to follow the instructions outlined above because you only have one chance to do so once and for all. Please follow the instructions, and I guarantee you A1s on your upcoming WAEC exam.
Oh, please excuse my lack of courtesy in not greeting you sooner; I was just too concerned about your success.
How are you doing? And …
My phone has finally hung up on me. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I can’t wait to see your WAEC results filled with A’s.



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