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Thousands of candidates register for jamb every year and this keeps increasing, and the admission spaces are limited. But, the main fault comes from the candidates too and it could be unknowingly. Prospective candidates who have passed their senior school certificate examinations and the unified tertiary and matriculation examination might wonder why they are not admitted despite their good grades and jamb scores.

Reason’s why students miss admission yearly

There are many reasons why students miss admission every year. Many people might think university management is not fair and transparent in their admission procedures, but the truth is, every institution has its own admission requirements and criteria. So, here are some tips and guidelines for easy access to any Nigerian institution.
Firstly, O level result combination really matters a lot to some schools. Candidates seeking admission into a tertiary institution will either use his or her WAEC, NECO, or a combination of both. However, there have been questions on whether some universities accept a combination of NECO and WAEC results. Here is it, some schools like the University of Lagos only accept one O-level result from its admission candidates.
So, if you are choosing a school like this for admission, you are expected to use one O-level result. Also, the wrong O level subject Combination is something that should be considered when seeking admission. Wrong O-level subject Combination has also been identified as one of the reasons many students are denied admission. If you want to study say, Biochemistry in the university, it is expected of you to have at least five(5) credits in your O level result. And these credits must include English language, mathematics, chemistry, biology.
In some schools, the fifth course has to be physics while in others, any other science subject is allowed as the fifth subject. You just have to Know the O-level subject Combination of your choice of institution. Many also neglect the fact that age is vital in seeking admission into any Nigerian institution.
The official age for admission to Nigerian universities is 16. Before a candidate can be admitted, he or she must have reached the age of 16 by the 31st of October in the year of admission. Many parents also have a fault in this because they tend to over fasten the education of their children thereby making them too small to cope with the fluctuates of the school. So, all candidates should take note and make sure to be of age before applying.
Also, there are also issues of false claim of origin. Falsifying of state of origin is always an issue in state universities where Indigenes get a bursary and subsidized tuition. Yes, the candidates or most candidates try falsifying their state of origin in order to get the bursary from the school management. Tertiary institutions like Lagos State University takes this seriously.
The cut-off mark is also part of the criteria that determines the fate of candidates getting admitted into the university. This became a little controversial as the joint admission and matriculation board recently lowered the cut-off mark for universities to 140, while polytechnics and colleges of education were pegged at 120 and 100 respectively. So, Candidates are urged to put these in mind before seeking admission.
Secondly, candidates are highly fond of registering for the most sought courses in the university.
Meanwhile, most of them don’t have the mental ability to cope in those departments leading to automatic failure from their jamb scores. Going for a less competitive course at first will give smooth and easy access into the school. Then, you can proceed to change to what you want if you feel you are capable enough for the challenge.
Also, many people have the mindset that the only lucrative courses available in Nigerian universities are the professional courses not knowing that the working class are after your grade and not really what you studied. They believe so much in what you have upstairs and not what you studied. So far you are intelligent enough for their job, then you are a big fish. That’s why you see so many unsuccessful doctors and lawyers out there. Because the number of people going for those courses is too high thereby making many of them somewhat jobless.
Candidates are advised to look at other courses available in the institution and put in their very best in it. Students also have issues of always applying to the most competitive institutions and there are so many good institutions that need students to fill them up. Applying to a less competitive institution does not make you less than another student in one of the competitive schools.
They all imbibe knowledge into the students besides, companies are not after schools you went to, rather what you can offer. Now, you know that school is school, and the aftermath of schooling which is working isn’t after your school but you, why don’t you just pick a less competitive institution for easy access into it? Moreso, if you are to go for a competitive course, apply to a less competitive institution, and if applying to a more competitive institution, go for a less competitive course.
Candidates are advised not to pick a competitive course with a competitive institution in order for them to have an easy admission process.
Furthermore, another way to get easy access to Nigerian institutions is by going for A-level programs. Most schools run A-level programs the likes of IJMB, JUPEB, etc. You can gain admission into 200level when you apply for any of these programs. Most students apply for these programs when it hasn’t been really easy for them to gain admission into the university may be due to bad jamb results or when denied admission into their preferred institution.
The schools will activate their portals for students in this category to still have access to their programs. Also, there are some candidates that feel they are too old to start from 100level. Such a candidate is advised to run any of the aforementioned programs for easy admission.
Also, there is a final exam done after the end of these programs that requires the students to pass a particular cut-off for different departments. You know there are different departments with their different cut-off marks, they are advised not to joke with the exam for them to be full students of the school. Moreover, there is another program that some Nigerian universities run i.e part-time program. Working-class candidates that need a degree are mostly found in this category. They apply to the school at the same time work to get money, this program is very easy because people are not so much into it.
Also, there are some non-working class students running part-time programs. It could be because they are in two universities at a time making them have two degrees at the end of the day. So, candidates are persuaded to check out the programs their preferred institutions are running for easy access to the university.
Moreover, Candidates can be very negligent when it comes to the portal of their school of choice. Many schools or institutions are fond of updating their portals and giving information from time to time about the ongoings in the school, especially about the admission process. But, most candidates seeking admission do not frequently log into the portal to see what’s happening.
Also, candidates should try finding a group or two to join during the time they are seeking admission to avoid errors that can cause automatic disqualification. For example, a candidate picked medicine and surgery before writing a jamb and realized that the mark he got wasn’t up to the cut-off mark the school released.
He then went ahead to change his course to anatomy on the school portal only, without changing it on the jamb Portal as well. He was automatically disqualified because jamb couldn’t admit him. But, assuming he had friends or colleagues to talk to, he wouldn’t have made such a mistake.
It is very Paramount to be updated with the school. With that, admission will be easier. So, kindly do well to follow up on any change you affect on your portal and make sure you get your desired result if not, tell people around or report to any cafe to re-do it.
Also, some students just pick a school without checking if their state of origin falls into the catchment area of the institution of their choice. Most institutions take the issue of catchment areas very seriously eg UNILORIN. They consider the candidates from these areas first before any other ones from other areas. So, when students from Taraba, Sokoto, or Rivers are denied admission, they say it’s cheating. No, it’s not you have been denied admission Because you have refused to know your school of choice before picking it.
Most students from other states that are not included in the catchment areas are denied admission especially when the maximum number of students they want to admit that year has been attained. They just close the portal and till next year. Also, institutions do post-jamb exams.
I was shocked when I heard that some students are unaware that their preferred institution is writing post jamb exams. Also, misconduct during such exams can cause denial into the school. Unilag did her post jamb virtually last session and got so many students disqualified because they didn’t heed to the institutions laid down before they started the examination. Being updated is very vital in gaining direct or easy access to any institution in Nigeria.

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