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…….. “Our modern world is changing, and everyone is busy blaming today’s youth. But how can we blame the future when we are the ones who created this world in the first place? Our street corners are crowded, as our children believe it is acceptable to walk into the darkness with a knife. When did we stop teaching our children that the greatest gift of all is simply LIFE?”
A glance reveals that Nigeria is split by a gallimaufry of many types across numerous aspects of life. With the proliferation of corruption, awful leadership rowing the canoe of Africa’s giant, and a horrible educational system that has reached a state of lethargy while the unemployment rate continues to increase, the lexicon of security has entirely evaporated.
To combat this, it is essential to turn to the youth as the hope of the country. Many people may have forgotten about the Sudanese youth movement’s role in toppling Omar Al-dictatorial Bashir’s regime. During his presidency, the country had a terrible economic crisis, with the unemployment rate reaching an all-time high.
(1) In 2014, the youth showed former Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaore the way home due to his government’s high rate of unemployment.
(2) The GIANT OF AFRICA has a total score based on all of these challenges. Youths are not only the leaders of tomorrow but also the shining hope and the spring of life, acting as a catalyst to re-establish the lost hope and raise it to the apex level where the problems will be completely scraped off, dashing through the snow of my Dear Country, followed by others, to carry on the legacy, to re-establish the importance of achieving the best in our educational system.
To begin, neither a visit to a herbalist nor a fortune teller is necessary to explain unequivocally that today’s teenagers are the breadcrumbs placed by our leaders without incorporating them into the game. They’d rather turn them into victims than saviors, thugs rather than brilliant and trustworthy leaders. Some of these people exploit our children as robots during external examinations or even internal exams to get a particular grade in response to a specified amount.
They exposed them to numerous internet facilities throughout this situation, such as browsing for questions to complete, attending the exam Hall on behalf of that same person, and expressing that same person’s will if required. Have you ever thought about how bad things are getting? We now believe in what is known as “expos.” Our mind, body, and soul are no longer attempting to wait for the future.
Teachers, instructors, tutors, mentors, and even guardians are all examples of professionals. Who takes on the role of a leader? Whom are you supposed to instruct? The people you turned into Giraffes, or the fox you trained to eat every answer sheet you threw at them, just to protect your reputation? Are you really working towards that during the school day, or are you boycotting to be known for reputable results?
Then we must accept our responsibility, or we will continue to destroy the home of this generation and future generations. It’s past time to stand up and reject ignorance about our roles in achieving good governance, leadership, and development in our state.
Moving on, one philosopher stated, “If your plan is for a year, plant rice; if your plan is for ten years, plant trees; but if your plan is for a hundred years or more, plant education for your children.” The same child who grows into adolescence is then required to play a specific role. Youths are the heart and soul of any society where men live. According to Kofi Annan, “a society that cuts off its youth severs its lifeline.” Our top priority should be active participation in educational seminars, creating innovations, developing new techniques, and avoiding any form of examination malpractice.
A nation cannot be built in a single day, just as Rome was not built in a single day. We can’t enter the system while causing harm to the whole household as equipment. Let us restore the system regardless of our current situation. Preparing for the future before it arrives with fiery luggage. As stated in the final line of the University of Ibadan Anthem, “A mind that knows is genuinely a mind that is free.”
To turn pain into gain, and to ensure that the agony is not in vain, today’s adolescents must be fully immersed in the educational system philosophy, filling the environment with various innovations. We need to take up the mantle of leadership for those children who look forward to everything we did and serve as a lubricant for the wheels of progress propelling forward to Wonderland, to be a catalyst for pragmatic Educational changes.
Behind the scenes, the youth is a vital agent in maintaining peace while also serving as the devil’s workshop. Kidnappers wreaking mayhem introduced darkness by snatching innocent individuals and even demanding large ransoms, threatening countless lives; many victims died coldly. Similarly, those so-called machines have fettered the minds of our youth and see that as a way of sourcing for funds, especially brilliant ones, and even the mind of not aiming to read has become the habit of most, if not all, secondary school leavers writing WAEC or NECO.
You converted their race into a dream after a long run. We cannot create creative, innovative, and talented youngsters in society. The youth can then put an end to this by standing up to any form of malpractice. Isn’t it strange? Consider the future rather than the present. Consider future generations who will be offended enough to put a stop to this illegal act but will be unable to do so because the root has not been uprooted but rather firmly dug into.
We should live in harmony and build a pleasant colony. We also reiterate the significance of freedom, peace, and security, as well as respect for all human rights and an effective educational system. To halt the decadence of this System in our country, let us cherish it and fight any destruction. It is time for youngsters to wake up and speak out against any sort of MALPRACTICE, whether in its early or late stages.
Let us work together with the government and other critical players to defend the system. It is up to us to make an impact by avoiding exam malpractice and even turning out the misfortune in disguise of becoming Machinery, which will spell the true indigenous youth of Africa.
Furthermore, it is time to work and find our secret potential, t engage in various entrepreneurial talents, walk out our ideas in all aspects of life, and put our thoughts on the path of progress to construct and develop our nation. We need some level of innovation, originality, and drive. “Education means creating a sound mind in a sound body,” Socrates said. According to educationists, “illiterates of the twenty-first century aren’t people who can’t read or write, but those who can’t learn and unlearn.”
Let us learn to be innovative and tackle social problems in our various communities so that we may become great thinkers. Youth are society’s critical thinkers. Government should give its quotas as well by subsidizing the young, while the youth should create and think about the country’s progress.
Finally, the journey is not to be traveled alone, nor is the whole process of removing the negative causes and being a cure to the issue. The situation is analogous to an adult Baobab tree that cannot support just one if both arms are deployed. Teachers, mentors, and instructors should also contribute their quotas to this, but by making their respective classes interactive and going beyond the textbook.
Let us believe that everyone can succeed. Everyone has a spark within them; just point them in the direction of the light. Don’t try to change their minds. Stop spoon-feeding them inside the exam by referring to it as a favor, and instead do your best to teach them all.
The number of capable youth who are not built on the foundations of malpractices is those who can strive to avoid it, and the government should also create valuable and qualitative textbooks for students in public schools. Everyone must be on deck. Then, through the process we believe in, we are already making the entire system better.
To summarize, creating a plan is not the same as putting it into action.
Our youth should be allowed to rise and learn a lot about our educational system without being subjected to machinery. Let us all teach them what is correct at the appropriate time and place. The changed outcome is certain if we act correctly. “We cannot always build the future for our youths, but we can build our youths for the future,” Franklin D. Roosevelt said.
Describing the responsibility of youths in the development of the nation is analogous to stating a father’s responsibility to his son. TOMORROW’S LEADERS AND EVEN TODAY’S LEADERS’ PARTNERS


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