…….. “Our modern world is changing and everyone is busy blaming the youth of today,
But how can we blame the future, when it is us who made their world this way,
Our streets corners are full, as our children think that,
It’s okay to walk into the darkness with a knife,
When did we stop teaching our kids, that the greatest ever gift is quite simply LIFE”.

Judging from the cursory glance, Nigeria is bisected by a gallimaufry of sort ranging from different aspects of life. The lexicon of security has totally faded away, the emergence of corruption, bad leadership paddling the canoe of the giant of Africa, a rotten educational system that has gotten to a state of stupor while the unemployment rate keeps increasing all day round.

To conquer this, time to consider the youths as the hope of the Nation. Many may have forgotten this, youth movement involvement in Sudan to remove the autocratic regime of Omar Al-Bashir. During his regime, the country faces a dire need economic crisis and even the unemployment rate attained its peak.

(1) In 2014, the former president of Burkina Faso, President Blaise Compaore was showed, his way home by the youths due to the high rate of unemployment during his regime.

(2) The cumulative scores of all these problems lie on the shoulder of the GIANT OF AFRICA. Dashing through the snow of my Dear Country follow by others, to keep the legacy on, to reinstate the need of achieving the best in our educational system the youths are not only the leaders of tomorrow but also the shining hope and the spring of life acting as a catalyst to regain the lost hope and raise this to the apex level where the problems will totally be scrapped off.

To begin, it does not take the consultation of the herbalist nor do the fortune teller is necessary to be involved, for us to affirm that certainly, the youths of nowadays are the breadcrumbs left beside the scene by our leaders without involving them in the game. They rather turn them to be victims instead of saviors, thugs instead of good and reputable leaders. Some of these people do employ our youths as machinery during the external exam or even internal exams just to obtain their grade in response to a certain amount.

During this situation, they got them to expose to many internet facilities, browsing for the questions to be done, entering the exam Hall on behalf of that same person, sharing the will of that same person if it happens to be otherwise. Have you ever considered how deteriorating this is becoming? Nowadays, we believe in so-called ” Expos”. Our mind, body, and soul are no more striving to sit tight and prepare ahead.

To the teachers, instructors, tutors, mentors, or even guardians. Who is bestowed with the mantle of leadership? Who exactly are you to teach? The human being you turned to be Giraffes or the fox you trained to devour each answer sheet you threw at them just for you to protect your reputation? Are you really working up to that during school hours or rather you are boycotting to be known of reputable results?.

Then, our responsibility must be properly known to us, or rather we will continue to destroy the home of this generation and many generations to come. It’s high time to rise up and shun off ignorance, about what exactly our roles are, in achieving good governance, leadership, and development in our state?

Moving on, according to One philosopher, he said, ” If your plan is for a year, plant rice, If your plan if for ten years, plant trees, but if your plan is for hundred years and more, plant education your children”. Then, that same child that turns into youth must perform a certain role. Youths are the bone and blood of the entire society where man lives. In accordance with what Kofi Annan said, “A society that cut off its youth severs its lifeline”. Active participation in the educational seminars, creating innovations, developing new technique,s and shunning off any means of examination malpractice should be our top priority.

A nation cannot be built overnight, as Rome was not built in a day. We can’t step into the system whereas we damage the whole abode being machinery. Let’s reinstate the system no matter the position we found ourselves in. Training ourselves for the future before it comes with fiery luggage. As the truth, encapsulated in the last line of the University of Ibadan Anthem, “For a mind that knows, is truly a mind that’s free”.

The hope of getting the pain into gain, for the pain is not in vain, the youths of nowadays, need to be totally involved in Educational system ideology, filling the atmosphere with different innovation. We need to take up the mantle of leadership for those children who are behind us looking forward to all we did and serving as a lubricant for wheels of progress propelling forward to the wonderland, aiming of being a catalyst for pragmatic Educational changes.

Behind the scene, the youth is the major agent in ensuring peace, simultaneously the workshop of the devil. Kidnappers causing havocs brought darkness by kidnapping innocent people and even asking for huge ransoms, endangering many lives; many people suffered the cold hand of death. Likewise, those so-called machineries too fettered the mind of our youth and see that as a way of sourcing for fund especially brilliant one and even the mind of not aiming to read has become the habit of most especially Secondary school leavers writing WAEC or NECO.

After a long run, you turned their race to be full of fantasy. We cant produce creativity, innovation and we’ll capable youth into the Society. Then, the youth can actually stop this by standing again with any form of malpractice. It sounds odd right?? Think about the future, not present days, Think about the generations to come when you too will be off enough to curb this illegal act but won’t be able to because the root hasn’t been uprooted but rather firmly dug into.

We ought to live in peace and establish a peaceful colony. We also reaffirm the importance of freedom, peace, and security, respect for all human rights, and an adequate Educational system. To arrest the decadence of this System in our country, let’s treasure our country and fight against any destruction. Time to rise as a youth and Stand against any form of MALPRACTICE during early-stage or even old stage.

Let’s join hand with the government, important stakeholders and respect their opinion, for them protecting the system Is for us to take our impact too by shunning exam malpractice and even turning out the misfortune in disguise of becoming Machinery, in this, spell the real indigenous youth of GIANT of Africa.

In addition, time to work and discover our hidden talent, get into different entrepreneurial skills, walk out our ideas in every aspect of life and set our thought on the parachute of development so as to build and develop our country. We need some measure of Innovation, creativity, and fresh vigor. Socrates said, ” Education means creating a sound mind in a sound body”. According to educationists, she said, ” Illiterate of this 21st century aren’t those that can’t read or write, but those that can’t learn and unlearn”.

Let’s learn to be creative and solve the societal problem in our different communities, with that we are becoming great thinkers. Youth are critical thinkers of society. Government should contribute their own quotas too by funding the youth while the youth should invent and think about the development of the Country.

Finally, the road isn’t to be trekked alone, the whole process of changing the detrimental factors and to be a panacea to the problem isn’t to be alone. The situation is like an adult Baobab tree that couldn’t accommodate just one if both arms are deployed. Teachers, mentors, or instructors too should contribute their own quotas to this but creating their respective classes to be interactive enough, go beyond the textbook.

Let’s do believe everyone can succeed. Everyone has a spark within them, just tell them where the light is. Don’t work into their mind. Stop spoon-feeding them inside the exam by you calling it a favor, do your best to teach them all.

The amount of capable youth that is not built upon the pillars of malpractices is those that can strive to shun it off and the government too should create valuable and qualitative textbooks for students in Public schools. All hands must be on deck. Then, we are already making the whole system great through the process we believe in.
Conclusively, drawing a plan is different from implementing the plan.

Our youths should be given the time to rise and learn a lot about our educational system, and for them not to machinery. Let’s all teach them what is right at the right time and right place. If we certainly act well, the changed result is ascertained. Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “We cannot always build the future for our youths, but we can build our youths for the future”.

Describing the responsibility of youths in the development of the nation generally is like stating the responsibility of a father to son. LEADERS OF TOMORROW AND EVEN THE PARTNERS OF TODAY’S LEADER