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Bullying or bullying in the school environment is one of the most serious problems that some students face in schools, as they are exposed to ridicule and abuse by their colleagues, followed by health, physical and psychological effects that may reach in some cases the idea of ​​suicide or suicide in particular, “Amman” with the end of the first week of the year The new school year and the return of students to the classroom reviews with psychological and social experts the dangers of bullying in the school environment and how the family knows that one of its children has been bullied at school, and its after-school effects.


To outline bullying within the faculty surroundings, three conditions should be met, namely, the intent to hurt, on condition that it’s perennial, additionally to the distinction in strength between each parties, and bullying bullying may be physical, verbal, social moreover as electronic, and it’s doable to understand physical bullying within the faculty surroundings by removing a part of the child’s garments or the looks of traces of beatings and bruises, or through the kid losing his functions at college, and these behaviors may be It affects the kid psychologically and ends up in his isolation or disappointment as a results of these actions, or causes a deterioration in his educational performance, and therefore the begin of a amendment in his temperament from what’s conversant in it reception from fun, happiness et al. and enters the tunnel of depression, noting that the consequences of bullying within the faculty surroundings could stay years, because it could stay till the stage of youth, and maybe the live of the survival of those effects depends on the sort of bullying the kid has been subjected to, his temperament and his ability to cope with pressures and psychological support that he receives, each from the family and therefore the teacher or from specialists.

There aren’t any specific reasons for bullying to occur within the faculty surroundings, associated bullying youngsters could also be committing these behaviors for reasons together with the child’s previous exposure to bullying or as an expression of frustration or anger, and he could also be facing issues at college or reception, together with reasons additionally poor family education additionally to games And violent movies which will have an effect on some youngsters and create them additional possible to be hangdog, and generally bullying within the faculty surroundings may be a performance during which kid|the kid} tries to achieve the eye of others because the child might not get sensible attention and care reception or at college, and a few of the youngsters Bullies, sadly, don’t have a culture of respect for others, whether or not in faculties or elsewhere, therefore most of the bullies area unit as weak because the victim and want psychological facilitate like people who are hangdog.

A child World Health Organization has been hangdog within the faculty surroundings should have the flexibility to speak to somebody within the faculty, like the teacher, director, or public servant, as bullying causes an excellent deal of health and psychological consequences, and it’s vital for youngsters to speak with oldsters or lecturers regarding their exposure to bullying, and therefore the right person. To cope with cases of bullying within the faculty surroundings is that the social or psychological specialist gift within the faculty, and it’s desirable that the kid communicates with the specialist regarding being a hangdog, and later the family will intervene, as, within the starting, the kid should refer what he was exposed to, and it’s important to understand the consequences the results of the kid being hangdog, will he have anxiety or depression or any clear psychological effects, so we tend to treat these effects by resorting to specialists during this field.


There are interacting reasons that will contribute to the emergence of the matter of the bullying kid and also the kid victim being afraid, and sensible watching of the explanations that contribute to the matter of bullying within the bully, most notably methodology|the tactic|the strategy}s of socialization related to the method of cruelty and severe education, or on the contrary, by following the pattern of the lax methodology or neglecting the strategy steerage or emotional condition and psychological neglect, which can generate a negative and adverse reaction and feelings of intense feeling that translate into violent behavior or sturdy words or gestures that offend others while not the kid feeling that he encompasses a behavior totally different from his peers and makes him feel that it’s a pattern of basic behavior that accompanies him once interacting with others, whether or not within the same upper balcony or peers, additionally to false beliefs.

Some families contemplate hostile behavior and bullying of others to be parts of masculinity, particularly within the case of a male or a robust temperament, additionally to the shortage of family rules and also the organization of the foundations of a relationship that lays foundations for respect at intervals the family 1st and also the determinants of the connection outside the family, additionally to health factors or factors These ar associated with the form and structure of the body, which can have an effect on the child’s assurance, additionally to comparisons between the kid and his siblings, that negatively replicate on the child’s behavior and ar expressed in an exceedingly style of bullying, additionally to external influences related to visual viewing of what’s bestowed within the media, messages of children’s films and scenes that target violence while not Family management or directional to decide on on tv or social networking sites or attributable to the result of electronic games, that makes the kid a simple tool that’s out of management, whereas an equivalent reasons is also a reason to form the temperament of a bully kid, however what makes a toddler a bully and another bully is trust and also the language of dialogue and psychological protection that oldsters offer to precise themselves and desires and defend them within the interior of family safety, that is absent from some families in lightweight of the circumstances In social and family life, it’s going to be screaky.

The family loses the natural atmosphere of education, which negatively affects the child’s entity and creates a shaky temperament subjected to bullying, additionally to a culture of concern within which the kid doesn’t realize understanding from the family once informing them of being afraid. The good thing about it’s additionally to family preoccupation with following up the family dialogue and directional youngsters to the foundations of self-protection and also the foundations of correct behavior once subjected to bullying.


On the institutional level, the roots of the matter of bullying accompany the coed to the varsity surroundings, which causes him several challenges on the psychological, and social associate degree activity levels and is an obstacle to his educational development and college coherence, and even to his deed the course of study, and therefore the downside of bullying are often solved through family and institutional cooperation to debate the matter and gift Systematic solutions at the preventive, curative and biological process levels by serving to the family to grasp the strategies of balanced education and socialization at intervals the family, that establishes kid|a toddler|a baby} capable of interacting with the family and external surroundings at intervals respect for the proper of the opposite and respect for the cultures and backgrounds of every child severally, whereas ingraining spiritual values ​​and the foundations of tolerance associate degreed softness in what not

It contradicts the child’s right to defend himself and build wide areas for interest within the child’s mechanical energy and varied skills by finding an outlet from the globe of talent and care with helpful academic games that square measure acceptable to the child’s age and involving him in sports, swimming skills and therefore the world of various sports or teaching him the humanities of drawing and formation and visiting establishments that it’s involved with providing enticing and varied programs for the interests of the kid, which is able to gain the kid A world of positive values ​​and directs its energy to positive interaction with different departments, additionally to the family’s presence within the choice and refutation of what’s conferred on the media and varied communication sites, additionally to specializing in providing family programs that facilitate family awareness by achieving psychological protection for the kid and programs to boost authority as psychological rights of the kid contribute to Positive feeling and vanity, additionally to raising families’ awareness of early detection of all childhood issues, to facilitate early addressing any downside which will be associated with making a bullying temperament or a victim of bullying among kids.


The presence of specialised teams in academic establishments, beginning with kindergartens, with clear foundations for a transparent and express coping with the matter of bullying, contributes to the existence of solutions at the preventive, curative, and organic process levels through early detection of individual cases and therefore the correct treatment and designation of them in cooperation with families and alternative establishments, additionally to the presence of orientation programs

A specialist that suits every age stage one by one. It helps in making a positive behavior for the kid by investment within the axes of faculty life, beginning with the coed riding the bus, within the faculty queue, within faculty categories, squares, and in varied halls, during which the kid finds the spirit of organizing laws, best use of his energies, and participation in developing solutions to issues. And taking his opinion within the development of such laws with a transparent understanding by specialists, faculty administrations and teaching workers of the mechanism of coping with student behavior during a manner corresponding with the culture of right and duty for the kid, and there’s a desire to grasp the gestures and behaviors of bullying students and therefore the bully with a transparent link to everything that contributes, whether or not the family atmosphere establishments and therefore the interacting parties as an instantaneous or indirect consider this downside, additionally to, uh that specialize in orientation programs that specialize in the foundations of self-protection and therefore the mechanism of coping with varied conflicts and teaching youngsters the talents of conflict management and negotiation and to be peace manufacturers in their completely different positions, stressing that {the downside|the matter} of bullying isn’t associate pressing problem of the days, however its behavioural indicators and qualitative development in severity, impact and forms It needs that it’s a significant issue among a framework of interactive partnership from completely different establishments to require the trail of safe childhood development as a right and a spiritual, legal and social demand with a sincere want to gift the message of awareness and therefore the message of science before the pain that hinders verity message of childhood.


Motivation within the field of education may be a terribly effective industrial plant in raising the amount of learner’s motivation to be told, and a crucial technique in raising the amount of achieving instructional goals.
Most people agree that the new generation of scholars is tough to inspire to be told and gain data within the ancient ways in which we tend to be aware of the past.

With the emergence of the Corona epidemic at the start of the year 2020, and faculties being forced to change from education to distance learning, the education method witnessed radical changes at varying levels, and it baby-faced obstacles and challenges that it had not ready for.

If the scholar doesn’t have spare motivation, whether or not internally or outwardly, to review and data curiosity, the training that academics, parents, and therefore the instructional system as a full look for won’t be achieved.

In this regard, the teacher will play a polar role in encouraging and motivating his students despite the issue of the task. In fact, he says that every learner wants America to make his own technique to make a form of motivation for his learning. the foremost veteran academics undergo tough times in their look for the schoolroom. evangelistic and desperate to learn.

In this regard, the teacher will play a polar role in encouraging and motivating his students despite the issue of the task. In fact, he says that every learner wants America to make his own technique to make a form of motivation for his learning. the foremost veteran academics undergo tough times in their look for the schoolroom. evangelistic and desperate to learn.

The fortunate teacher, then, is that the one World Health Organization tries to develop himself and lift the amount of his category, therefore he can want some concepts to inspire students and lure them to like science and learning, In lightweight of the tremendous development of the suggests that of communication and technology that we tend to board our time, which might cause students loads of contradiction between the normal curricula and their lives that are filled with advanced technology, the role of the teacher involves encourage and inspire his students, and to make fashionable learning surrounding that draws the scholar and make him additional committed;

Therefore, during this article, we offer necessary tips for all academics World Health Organization need to inspire and encourage their students. these are a number of them:

1- creating the scholar conscious of responsibility:
Let learners take hold of however they learn and allow them to select the tasks and schoolwork they need. Also, don’t forget that the schoolroom may be a little community. it’s smart for the scholar to feel necessary within the schoolroom. Decorating the schoolroom and caring for plants are all things that build him feel accountable and proud.

2- Setting goals:
It is necessary to obviously outline the goals of the tasks assigned to every student, as he has to recognize what’s expected of him so as to stay motivated to finish the task within the best method. therefore try and build a listing of short and semi-permanent goals and a collection of rules that everybody should reach or respect.

3- produce a secure environment:
Students got to learn in complete safety because of the concern of failure and therefore the consequences of failure could cause obstacles with ominous consequences in the long term. Therefore, it’s wise to encourage students and believe in their skills to beat difficulties and hear once they fail, whereas supporting them psychologically and socially if necessary.

4- dynamic the training space:
As a coach, you can’t sit behind your table and anticipate a formidable end in the schoolroom, students want constant renewal, you’ll be able to take field journeys, see documentaries, or simply do cluster analysis within the college library… All of this could inspire the learner and build an environment of fun and helpful fun.

5- making an environment of honest competition:
Competition within the schoolroom may be a positive issue if it’s used educationally to serve the objectives set before. In some cases, students may be motivated to exert larger effort and surpass through instructional applications, for instance, or ancient team games solely.

6- provide easy rewards:
It is one of the foremost necessary suggestions that of motivating students. you are doing not want a large budget. a pleasant pen or a little box of chocolates could do the trick. Words of praise are also more practical generally. what’s necessary is that the kid or adolescent feels pleased with receiving a gift once finishing a task and inspires others to line their own limits.

7- Encouraging teamwork:
Teamwork is one of the implies that we tend to agree on its efficaciousness and importance, particularly for unsteady and back students. most are keen on cooperation, serving the cluster, and finishing tasks, and it’s a decent technique for scientific subjects that depend upon observation and experiment.

8- aiming to recognize the students:
It is not supposed to understand the name of every student, but rather to spot his hobbies, achievements, likes, and dislikes… this offers him high confidence in himself and absolutely affects his behavior within the schoolroom and so the method of his learning.

9- Dialogue and discussion:
Some lessons may be wont to discuss a number of the issues and weaknesses which will produce a form of frustration for the learners. Standing there and looking out for methods to beat them can provide everybody a way of hope and therefore the risk of success.

10- Use of technology



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